GND Replacement Wooden Gym Rings

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This product does not Include the Nylon Straps, they for illustration purposes only.


Strength is nothing without coordination, lift your workout to new heights with GND Gym Rings.

Created for the most grueling conditioning workouts, GND Gym Rings allow you to replicate dozens of other workouts with only a few simple movements. We’ve designed our rings with quality Olympic grade wood to provide a competition grade product at an affordable cost. Don’t settle for 2nd, a precision workout demands a precision tool.  

These are rigorously strength tested to ensure they can withstand the most hardcore session. Praised for their versatility, Gym Ring’s can be quickly assembled to provide a high intensity workout wherever you find yourself.  Designed to handle the most intense workouts, GND Gym Rings are engineered to stand the test of time.   

Perfect for

  • Working out anywhere you want with the GND Gym Rings
  • Amazing fat lose tool & improving overall fitness level
  • High intensity cardio workouts
  • Boxing, Crossfit, Cardio, HIIT, weightlifting workouts & So Much More
  • Improving aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Increasing agility and fast twitch fibre activation
  • The home gym workout station all in one
  • Great way to work on improving your core
  • Take them everywhere and anywhere you want to workout


  • 28mm diameter handles
  • 400kg Combined Max Weight (200kg Per ring)
  • Crafted Birch Wooden Rings for the Ultimate Grip
  • Easily hung from timber rafters, power racks, rigs, monkey bars and anything that can hold the weight
  • Really compact and super easy to set up on the go


  • 2 x GND Wooden Rings

Not Included

  • GND Nylon Straps

Utilising strength & coordination, suspension training turbocharges your workout.  Get started with GND Gym Ring’s today!

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