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The last thing you want when you’re working out is an annoying pain between you and the barbell. The barbell pad is designed to provide a cushion between you and the bar, relieving neck and shoulder stress during squats. This acts as a protective barrier for both your muscles and bones. The pad also acts as a sweat barrier to prevent the bar from sliding.
The two main exercises that are done with a barbell pad are the squat and the hip thrust. The best barbell pads are made from high density foam or foam rubber. Ideally they should provide that sweet spot between being too hard and too soft so that the weight of the bar doesn’t crush the padding. 
Our range of GND Barbell pads slip on and off the bar easily and feature an anti-slip design. They are 45 cm in length and compact enough to easily fit into your gym bag. They are the perfect piece of equipment to help protect you while performing a range of exercise with heavy weight.