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One of the most popular fitness accessories on the market, resistance bands are loved for their versatility and ability to stabilise movements and add intensity to your strength training workouts. Resistance bands can be used before your workout for muscle activation, during your workout for increased intensity, and after your workout for stretching and recovery. These bands are suitable to use for a variety of different training styles including weight lifting, plyometrics, yoga, pilates, and aerobic workouts.
Maximise your workouts at home or in the gym by adding exercise bands to your training routine. These bands can be incorporated into your upper body and lower body training days to improve your strength, muscular endurance, balance, and flexibility. Try using a resistance band when you are performing squat press, bench press, lateral raises, chin ups, dips, and bicep curls, or to stretch pre or post workout. No matter how often you train or how heavy you lift, GND Fitness Resistance Bands are available in a range of levels from extra light - super heavy to suit your needs.
You will also commonly find resistance band exercises in rehabilitation programs following a sports injury. Resistance bands can effectively help you rebuild strength in your muscles after a sprain or mild injury. The bands elasticity allows resistance to be applied when lengthening or shortening the band to build muscle and control throughout your range of movement. Physiotherapists will likely prescribe resistance band exercises in the early stages of your injury recovery program.


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