GND Fitness Resistance Band Pack // 5 Band Pack

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When one ultra resistance band just isn’t going to cut it, why not get all 5? Get the most out of your resistance workouts with the choice of resistance weight at your fingertips. Looking for an extra edge to add to your resistance and flexibility training workouts? Then look no further than this 105cm Ultra Resistance Band.

Perfect for your home gym and small enough to chuck in your bag and take anywhere. This high strength piece of latex is built to provide resistance in a variety of exercises including chin ups, push ups, dips and can even be used to increase resistance during squats, bench press and much more.

Perfect for:

  • Having a resistance band for every occasion!
  • Flexibility training and stretching
  • Pre and post training warm-up and warm-down
  • Free weight and bar resistance
  • Technique correction workouts and rehabilitation programs
  • Speed and agility training
  • Yoga, Pilates, Plyometrics & Aerobics workouts
  • Adding More resistance to compound lifts e.g bench press and squat press


  • Red - Super Heavy Resistance 30.5kg - 57kg
  • Purple - Heavy Resistance 22kg - 40kg
  • Black - Medium Resistance 15kg - 29.5kg
  • Orange - Light Resistance 9kg - 17kg
  • Blue - Extra Light Resistance 4kg - 7kg
  • Ultra Durable Latex
  • 100% Natural Latex
  • Length: 105cm
  • 5 resistance bands
  • 1 x Red Band
  • 1 x Black Band
  • 1 x Purple Band
  • 1 x Orange Band
  • 1 x Blue Band
  • 1 x GND Carry Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Almost perfect

These bands are amazing for working out in a tiny apartment. Great levels of resistance and the storage bag is really handy. The shipping was also super fast. Only issue was one of the bands was 'sticky' on arrival and hard to pull apart because it was stuck to itself. The sticky sections now collect dust/fluff from the carpet, which is hard to remove and the band is already wearing in sections. The other bands don't have this issue.

Chris Ager
Does what it says on the box

Haven’t used resistance bands before but happened across these when searching. Only been going for a couple of weeks but bands seem like they are good quality and my body aches so must be working

An Nguyen
Great Resistance Bands

I've use these bands for my martial arts training & free weights AKA Barbell and it's great. I've tested them on my rack and they didn't snap unlike my pervious Resistance Band so it stretch very well. I'll recommend this band for anyone who wants to train at home.

Nick Stevens

GND Fitness Resistance Bands // 5 Weight Options

Prakesh Kumar
Fitness bands

Excellent quality product and adds another dimension to my training routine. Should be used more than they do.