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Activate your glutes and fire up your workouts with booty bands! Booty bands, also known as ‘hip bands’ and ‘mini bands’, are great to incorporate in your lower body training days to warm up your muscles and add an extra level of intensity to your workouts. Performing activation exercises prior to training will help better recruit your muscles during your workout and increase your ability to gain muscle. To activate your glutes with a booty band, try using one while completing glute bridges, crab walks, or body-weight squats.

If you train from home and find that your workouts are getting a little easy, it’s time to turn up the intensity, and using a booty band is one of the most effective and affordable ways to do so. GND Booty Bands are available to purchase in a range of resistance levels so you can continue to progress your strength at home and build the glutes of your dreams. These bands will also complement your training at the gym and are perfect to use when performing barbell squats, hip thrusts, and leg press.

No pain, no gain! Level up your workouts, feel the burn and enjoy the glorious glute gains.


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