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Take your training to the next level and make recovery a priority. Lifting heavier, running faster, and training for a longer period of time will likely be some of the steps you are taking to improve your athletic performance. Playing sports and an increased training load can take a toll on your body so it is important that you include stretching and recovery with your exercise program to keep achieving new goals and reduce your risk of injury.
Self-myofascial release (SMFR) therapy has proven to be an effective method to support muscle recovery. One of the best ways to implement SMFR into your training is by using a foam roller or massage ball. Foam rolling can be done before or after your workout plus on your “rest days” too. Some of the benefits you may see from using a foam roller include short term increase in joint range of motion, eased delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and potentially increased flexibility.
Foam rollers and massage balls will help with recovery without impeding your performance. They are suitable to be used by athletes of all fitness levels and are a great addition to your home gym. Start incorporating foam rolling into your sessions and enhance your recovery routine.